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Idanyamorgan 1 day ago

Dungeness Crab (Whole)

It's my birthday and we always order the seafood bucket. I also take my boyfriend here for his birthdays. We usually go to the one in downtown where we live but we drove out a bit further. Even though there is this Corona virus going on I am glad they are still open for take out. Crab hut beats all the seafood places I ever been to, they really know tasty!

Kell2003 4 days ago


The sauce is always so perfect and good here! The crawfish is really fresh. Mine and the hubby's favorite

Jjroyden 6 days ago

Andouille Sausages

Omg! The sausages are Fire! Just the right amount of seasoning and cooked to perfection! Goes great with anything that you get.

Chloe 7 days ago

"Go To Town"

Delicious! Great variety of seafood in delicious sauce

Adn12092224 7 days ago

"Go To Town"

Good value & taste!!!

Tmontorsi08 7 days ago

S "N" S

The best sauce ever! Comes out perfect temperature every time! Everything always cooked great

Ladyk8610 8 days ago

Crab Legs Combo

The food was amazing and my family can't wait to come back!!!!!!

Johnbalestrieri 9 days ago

Bucket for One

It was so amazing everything tasted great

Shianngroah 10 days ago

Snow Crab Clusters

Hell yeah brother 🤠

Lolitapat 12 days ago

Crab Legs Combo

This place is so delicious. The seafood covered smothered in the deluctable sauces is simply mouth watering. The servers always tend to give such wonderful hospitality and are very helpful attending to every guests' needs. The location isn't the very best and the parking is small and jampacked, but when you do find a spot it is worth it. I come here all the time when i need my louisiana seafood fix, I prefer this place over submarine crab and crab town.

Vict0riasecret 13 days ago

S "N" S

I crave this all the time, it's the best thing ever!!!! I get at full house 1/2 medium and it's the perfect amount of spice

J3munoz 13 days ago

Seafood Bucket

Always so amazing and delicious! Crabhut is the go to place for my fiancé and I when we have a craving for seafood!

Johnitiols 14 days ago

Seafood Bucket

It's not everyday that one gets to experience pure nirvana. I don't know what heaven is like...but I have been to Crab Hut (East Village), and I can now say I thing I know what will be served when Saint Peter opens the gates and leads me to the eternal feast in paradise. When you walk into Crab Hut the first thing you realize is the is not "fishy" or "beachy", but instead it is that of a fisherman's galley or a sea side village restaurant. It is intimate, inviting, and like a warm blanket wrapped around you on a cold winter day. You immediately feel at home, and quickly begin to realize that what you'll be served will probably come out of a large pot and granted in large portion. You are escorted to your table, admiring the nautical themed decor. It is kitchy, but in the ways that make you smile and want to see more. As you approach your table you notice the family of 5 sitting next to you is incomplete silence. They are looking down eagerly at large piles of steaming seafood that you cannot make out entirely, but the smell is heavenly. You are handed a menu, and this is when you choose your adventure. We decide on the Crab Legs Combo, with an order of shrimp included. The Cajun Sauce mixed with the butter sauce is our accoutrement, with a side of the mixed fries to keep things robust. We have never ordered an appetizer...we know what we are there for and cannot risk delaying the delivery of our precious spread. Then comes the worst part of the Crab Hut experience, after the waiter closes their notepad and with a smile says: "Ok, I'll put that order in right away." The anticipation is cruel. The wait only makes the arrival of the meal even more special. You forget about the wax paper on the table, or the bibs and gloves you helped each other put on...until the waiter gracefully appears with a simple plastic bag containing a meal envied by the gods. There is no plate wear, we do not have time for that. Instead our food is dumped in front of us, and we are given the non-verbal green light from our host in the form of a slight smile and nod. You stare at your table mate(s) in astonishment and excitement, then at your neighbors in pride, then down at the table in awe. You reach for your shell pick and shell cracker, your implements of destruction for the evening. You reach into the boil bag and feel something, next to the buttery soft corn and hearty potato is a beautiful Alaskan Snow Crab leg. You raise it from the elaborate stew and admire the bright orange hues still vibrant along the shell. You take a moment to be thankful for the universe, and all of it's happenings that lead to this crab leg resting in your hand, in this glorious institution. A loud * CRRRAAACK *cuts through the air as your shell cracker pierces through the reinforced leg, releasing steam and hot juices onto your plastic glove protected hand. Your waiter, who has just finished leading a neighboring couple through the intricacies of the menu glances over and kindly asks: "Is everything ok over here?" You have already taken a bite of the soft Alaskan Crab meat, and are trying to process what flavors you are experiencing for what feels like the first time. You glance up in his direction and respond: "Yes. Everything is well. It is well." - John & Catalina

Nicab07 16 days ago

Bucket for One

I absolutely love this. It has everything and its so delicious. Its do much food a good price. Its always fresh and hot. You will be full for sure. Great bang for your buck. Love it my go to

Guanliu24 19 days ago

Crispy Calamari And Fries

Crab Hut's calamari is the best in town! From their Convoy location to their Mira Mesa location, the consistency in quality of their calamari and fries is great. Be sure to check it out!

Deniseasoto41 20 days ago

Crab Legs Combo

Amazing so many flavors

Cardosajennifer 23 days ago

S "N" S

I absolutely LOVE crab hut I've had so many other places yet they don't compare to the flavor in the sauce! I'm a seafood lover and every time I eat here the seafood taste So fresh! The staff are amazing as well, literally never disappointed when eating here my favorite restaurant!

Lisatf40 24 days ago

Crab Legs Combo

I had a wonderful time. I took a friend of mine that was visiting from Texas. We both were so impressed.

Sadiyzkids 25 days ago

Spicy Crawdad's Etouffee

OMG!! If you love seafood and rice you will love this dish. It is my favorite. The seasonings are just right, and I cannot wait to visit San Diego the Crab Hut will be my first stop. YUMMY!!!

Louen 27 days ago

Lobster (Whole)

Delicious!!! Perfectly priced!!!!! You won't regret it!!!! I first tried crab hut when I was 7months pregnant and was pretty put off by most foods. My husband took me to crab hut in a desperate attempt to get me to eat something. Boy, did I enjoy!! Since then, I have lost track of how many times I've been to crab hut. We have ordered almost every item on the menu and have loved each one. The crab, mussels and lobster are by far our favorites. Decadent, delicious, tangy, spicy and soooo good. The sides are great too especially fried okra and corn on cob. The prices are absolutely unbeatable for an otherwise expensive platter. Service is incredible And they really do their best to make the entire experience an exceptional one!!!

Watymellie 3 days ago


Delicious and fresh crawfish is always a good thing. And you can't beat the awesome service! The servers were all friendly and attentive. We love eating here and also taking crawfish to-go.

Zbooker911 6 days ago

Snow Crab Clusters

They are always really good, each time I go, which is a lot. Always fresh and seasoned perfectly. Goes really well the their delicious Cajun fries, corn and sausage. 👌🏾

Alexgw93 6 days ago

Full House


Shamel 7 days ago

Dungeness Crab (Whole)

I was very surprised how tasty the crab was. It was kit over cooked and the medium sauce was the perfect temperature.

Dylanbax 7 days ago


Ah, so basically i saw crabhut thru a friends' instagram story. I immediately had to know where it was. Visiting the downtown location for the first time did not disappoint. I was born and raised in southeast asia by the pacific ocean and shrimp is basically a staple food BUT i have never had shrimp as good as what crab hut serves. I keep coming back whether it be birthday celebration or any regular day. I have told many of my friends in SD about Crab Hut too. It's simply the best and no amount of lengthy reviews will ever give justice to how satisfying this place is.

Mmzx222 7 days ago


The shrimp with cajun sensation style was the best shrimps we've ever had!!! We have traveled the world and tried many other shrimps but this one is our all time favorite! Cant wait for more.

Anna 8 days ago

Crab Legs Combo

My fave! Full house, half medium, add half pound sausage.

Shimizu42011 9 days ago

"Go To Town"

This our favorite place to dine in. We always go there for our birthdays!! My husband still has a crab hut that they gave him for his bday:D. The "Go To Town" bucket is our favorite! We add all the sauces and medium hot sauce...IT'S SOOO GOOD!! Unfortunantely my birthday is on April, so we won't be able to eat there, but we will have it delivered!!

Corneilusfranklin 11 days ago

"Go To Town"

I Went for my birthday and got the full House sauce with the Go To Town! The best meal I've had in San Diego. I'm used to southern Louisiana brooks and this is just as good. Love it.

Natashasatterfield 12 days ago

King Crab Legs

This place is amazing. I love coming here the food is unbelievably tasty, the atmosphere is great an the mixed drinks are amazing. Definitely my favorite restaurant in San Diego. I'm here twice a month!

Tierrabarnes14 13 days ago

Fried Okra

Georgia girl just wanted some good fried okra and Crab Hut had the absolutely best!

Shelbylaird95 14 days ago

Seafood Bucket

Soooo much food. Says it feeds 2-3 but I'd say more like 3, especially if you get a side of rice to go with it. Always cooked perfectly and the flavors are spot on.

Audrey2lovly 14 days ago

Full House

Love the food a Crab hut! Been eating there for years always get a seafood bucket and ask for the full house sauce.

Misskiwibbyo09 16 days ago

Crab Legs Combo

I love coming here best crab ever ! I love coming here

Hetjude 20 days ago

Seafood Bucket

I visit this restaurant every month, and this is my favorite restaurant in CA. I recommend you order any menu with the full-house sauce and a bowl of rice. Rice with the full-house sauce is amazing.

Handyhernandez 22 days ago

Bucket for One

So tasty and delicious if i could i eat it daily

Brandontrantwin 23 days ago

Lobster (Whole)

This was my first time trying this style of cuisine and right off the bat, the food and service exceeded my expectations. Ordered Wings on the side and didn't regret it, absolutely mouthwatering. For the main course, I got the Lobster (Whole) with a Full House preparation and I must say it was superb! Very delicious, the Lobster meat was very juicy and tender, plus the extra flavor made it all the much more appetizing! Would most definitely bring the whole family next time! My wife ordered the Clam Chowder, best ever on the West Coast, 5/5 Stars! This might have to be our spot!

Sxayaphet08 24 days ago

S "N" S

Always greeted by host as soon as I enter. Service is always amazing. Downtown has to be my favorite location! This seafood boil contains fresh snow crab clusters, shrimp, corn, potatoes, and andouille sausages all boiled in a flavorful broth. I always get full house medium sauce. The perfect spice where I can still enjoy. So mouth watering and satisfying. I've tried almost everything on their menu they never disappoint!! I can't get enough! I like to dine at least twice a month. I'm about place a order on Uber eats right after I write this review lol! It's my tradition to come in every year for my birthday. Crabhut is the best!! Thank you💓

Tumekka 26 days ago

Crab Legs Combo

From San Diego to The Inland Empire. The crab legs and sausage have been consistently delicious over the 10 years since I have been in SoCal. For a great time and some wonderful food. I would say consideration Crab Hut for any seafood option, especially If you love seafood. You will not be disappointed.

Deanshanique about 1 month ago

"HUT" Wings

Best wings ever


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