About Us

The Crab Hut story officially began in 2007 when we opened doors to our first location on Convoy, but it really started years before that during our time in Houston, when we were introduced to Southern seafood boils and Cajun flavors. When we first opened, we were so committed to bringing you the best seafood available that we’d get our live crawfish shipped to the airport, and drive our little VW Beetle over to haul it back to Convoy. Now, with three locations under our belt, we still place the same emphasis on serving high quality, mindfully sourced products, while keeping it local by getting as much as we can grown and raised in San Diego. Growing up in the restaurant industry, we saw the level of commitment our parents applied to their own Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant in El Cajon, and are now proud to bring that same welcoming atmosphere to all of our three locations. 

At Crab Hut we’re all about gathering around the table and aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty while we’re at it. So bring your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, and see what the Crab Hut experience is all about. We’ll make sure to keep the beer flowing and the napkins coming. Come join us, and make our hut your home.